Behind the Big Green Door: PROJECT: #1Room30Days Kickoff: Home Office Makeover

PROJECT: #1Room30Days Kickoff: Home Office Makeover

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Hey Friends! Today I am excited to be kicking off my PROJECT: #1Room30Days. If you don't know about it check out the information page. I'm so excited about this project because I love helping and motivating people to make changes in their lives. Sometime we all just need a little push to get us going and help us stay on track. I will be spending the next 30 days motivating a great group of ladies and somewhere in there I know I will be motivating myself too!

Over the next 30 days expect me to share the room I'm working on and my progress. I'll also be sharing progress of my participants. You can catch all the behind the scene and day to day deets on my Instagram: @alayadonetta or by searching the hashtag on Instagram: #1Room30Days.

Now, I have been talking about doing this room for FOUR, yes FOUR years! If you have been a reader for a while then  you will remember me discussing my home office. You can catch up on all the old talk HERE.

Here is some inspiration for my space:

I love the colors in this space from love, charmaine! It's very feminine and just looks so welcoming. My house is mostly gender neutral, and because this space is purely my own, I'm going super girly!

Organization will be a major factor in my space. How beautifully organized is this space from Best Friends for Frosting!

I'm thinking I want a huge corkboard wall. It'll be nice for decor and organization. I love this wall!

Lastly, I want to have a built in desk love that both me and my daughter can use. This will be perfect from us. I saw this space on and the creator nailed this space perfectly!

Stay tuned for next week on more updates to my space. At the end of the 30 days I will share my before pictures, but for now, those are limited to those participating in the project! (They are truly embarrassing!) Also, at the end of this project I will share all the participants before and after. I am already so proud that they have signed up for this project!

Remember, you can catch all the behind the scene and day to day deets on my Instagram: @alayadonetta or by searching the hashtag on Instagram: #1Room30Days.

What do you think of my inspiration?


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  1. This is really a neat idea! I wish that I could participate. When will you do another project? I would like to be a part of it! Looking forward to seeing everyones projects.

    1. Thank you Shannan! You should def join!! We are kicking off another round in June, Sign up on the page and it'll get you started.

  2. Loving your inspiratiion. I cant wait to see you transform your space!

  3. Gorgeous inspiration! If I had my own office I would definitely go girly! Cant wait to see the after!

    1. Yeah I'm going full on girly! Thanks Linda!

  4. Wow great I was wondering how to use DIY techniques and found your site by google. Learned a lot now I’m a bit clear. I’ve bookmark your site. keep us updated.
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  5. Alaya, this is going to be amazing. I love how pretty and girly that pink is and can just imagine it in your room. So, are you going to do the built-ins yourself? I can't wait to see the reveal!!!

    1. Hey Lady! Well, I initially planned on doing a built in but I'm gonna go with a cheaper alternative. It will still have a built in feel. Thanks for stopping by!


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