How to Create a Gallery Wall

Earlier this week I posted my completed gallery wall to Instagram. I got a lot of great feedback so I figured I would spend some time sharing more about my gallery wall; my process and where I got my prints from. I wanted a super feminine look and I think I was able to achieve that!

WHERE I GOT MY FRAMES & PHOTOS: I picked up all my prints and frames from Hobby Lobby. As many may know they rotate their departments for the weekly 50% off sale, so you can usually catch something for a discounted price. If the item isn't on sale, you can always use their 40% off coupon on their website.

I picked up my prints in the photo kits that Hobby Lobby offers. This is a combination of two kits that I paid a total of maybe $12.00 for, after using the coupons.

HOW TO CREATE A GALLERY WALL: There is no perfect way. My best advice is to be true to your style and what you like. Browse Pinterest for ideas but most importantly - When it come to design style: Be true to you!

I have an eclectic style but I like to mix in some structure.  For this wall there was 4 steps I followed:

1. Have the necessary tools: You will need a tape measure, leveler, hammer, nails, frames, prints, and any creative things you would like to add to your wall

2. Lay it all out: Find a clear table or space on the floor. This will help with arranging your gallery wall and also minimize the amount of holes you will have in your wall when hanging. Let's face it, there will be holes, but less say this will cut down on half of the holes.

3. Take a picture of your arrangement: I like to snap pictures of my arrangements to get a good look of how everything looks together. I generally take a bird's eye view and some closeups. I look at the picture and go back and make some changes if necessary.

4. Hang it all up: Start hanging up your pictures. Use your leveler to make sure everything is straight and your tape measure to measure how far apart you want your pictures.

NOW GET CREATIVE: Some things I did to get creative was to use washi tape inside my frames to hold the pictures and I also combined multiple pictures in larger frames.

Do you have a gallery wall in your home? What are some things that you love to see in gallery walls? Do tell!


  1. Alaya ! Such great tips and your wall looks so good !

  2. Your gallery wall really came together nicely! Everything is spaced perfectly!

    1. Thank you Brandi! I worked really hard on it!

  3. The gallery wall looks so good and I love the contrast of the black & white!

  4. Lovely Alaya! These tips will come in handy!


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