Dining Room Updates

A couple of weeks ago, I shared this post about updates I was making in my dining room/deck entry area. This weekend I did a little more work on the room. I have been extra lazy on the DIY front lately...that quickly changed when I went to browse through Hobby Lobby and found a picture I really liked. I thought it would look good in the dining room. It didn't hurt that the picture was on sale marked down to $24.00 from $119.00! Major deal!
So here's a little background about my dining room. When we first moved here I went on a painting frenzy. I was painting the walls all kinds of colors. I think mostly because I had been living in an apartment where painting was restricted. So I figured my place, my paint choices. I painted the dining room two different times, the latest being a yellow-golden shade. I hated it two months later but never got around to changing in.
So this weekend I finally made the change, encouraged by my picture find, and also a $30 -5 gallon bucket of Behr paint + primer I found months ago (that I have literally painting every wall with).

Here's the after. I love it! So much brighter! and I really like the artwork! I have an open floor plan and the reddish color ties in nicely with my living room.

 Here's the before. I think the paint color really darken the room and I just couldn't find a good match for it.
And of course my little helper. She's busy drawing letters on the wall with the paint.

I plan on trying to build a console table to put under the picture to set up a mini bar area. Also, I need to get a rug for under the table, change the covers on my chair cushions, and lastly, spray paint the vase that you see the stick coming out of and I will be done with this space!
Let's see if I can finish this room by the end of August! Wish me luck. 
Until next time!

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