DIY Personalized Mugs

For those who are  following me on Facebook you will remember me mentioning that I wanted to share some crafty ideas between now and Valentine's Day. I think personalized and homemade gifts are the best Valentine's Day gifts! {anybody else over the chocolate and teddy bears like me??} 

Recently I've seen some cute personalized mugs floating around the internet. I think it is a great idea to make personalize mugs as a Valentine's Day Gift.  It's a great way to add a thoughtful touch to a gift. I love this idea because it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. {I'm left-handed, I can't draw and have terrible handwriting..but even with all of that I love how they turned out!}

There are two ways you can do this one using permanent marker and the other enamel craft paint. I used both processes. The process is very simple.

1. Clean the mug with alcohol.  2. Add design (if using a stencil). 3. Add enamel paint or permanent marker. 4. Bake according to instructions on paint (at 325 degrees for 30 min - put mugs in oven when cool and remove when oven is cool) and 5. Enjoy!

Supplies Needed:
Wet & Dry Paper Towel (to clean up messes)
White Mug (Mugs above from Dollar Tree for $1.00 a piece)
Permanent Marker 
Enamel Paint
Stencil (option)
Foam Paint Brush

Two things about the paint. It isn't safe to put it where you may actually drink from. Secondly, it isn't dishwasher HAND WASH only.

Will you be trying this project out? If so, I would love to see your creations! Tag me on Facebook!


Here's some other great DIY Mugs, visit here and here.

Update - so I have been using these mugs and it seems that the enamel paint holds up waaaaaaaay better than the permanent marker. The marker washed off after two washings. I would def recommend using the enamel paint.

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  1. Such a cute idea, Alaya. I want to make some too and fill them with candy for my son's teachers!

    1. Hey Lady! It was really easy to make! Just use the paint and not the marker. :) :)

  2. Cute mug designs indeed! I design mugs for my hubby and he brings them to work. Hehe. When you design your own mug, you have the freedom to put any design or message on it to showcase your talent. I’ll try this technique, by the way. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Lissette Monroe

    1. Hey Lissette! Thank you so much! Use the enamel paint technique. The marker one didnt last! :)


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