Behind the Big Green Door: How to Save Money on a Headboard
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How to Save Money on a Headboard

10:25:00 AM

Things are moving right on along in Babygirl's room. I actually worked on this I'd say about a month ago, but was being lazy and didn't add it to the blog. Babygirl was upgraded to a "Big Girl Bed" by trading in her toddler bed for a full sized bed. Only problem, it was just mattresses without a headboard. No worries though, a quick trip to my favorite thrift store for furniture, Goodwill, solved that problem. I found a headboard that was the style I was looking for but not the color. That small detail was fixed with a can (or two) of spray. 

What a difference a headboard makes! I'm still working on her bedding because right now it bores me but for now, until I run across something I love, it'll do! I recommend giving this simply project a shot if you are looking for a simple way to update a bed. It can be spray painted any color. Would you be surprised if I said I was considering spraying painting it something other than white now? If you know how indecisive I am then you shouldn't be! :)

So what do you think?


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  1. Go for it! A pop of color on the headboard would be fabulous!

  2. Amazing how the white against the wall perked up the bed. I love thrift stores too. A lovely white throw on the foot of the bed would be nice too.

    1. Great idea for the white throw! I'll have to keep my eye out for one. Thanks!


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