ON A PERSONAL NOTE: Being Laid Off, Graduation, and Finding a New Job

The last three month has been quite busy that has brought me quite a bit of change. Mid-way through February I found out I was being laid off from my job. My first thought was panic. LAID OFF?? Bills don't take a day off, so of course I was worried. After it setting in for a couple of days a sense of calm came over me. I was actually ok with it. I was still in school and about 2 months away from getting my degree. I have a wonderful support system so I thought I would be ok.

And guess what?? I was! I completed my Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing degree from Georgia State University and even graduated Magna Cum Laude!

The original plan was to be a stay at home mom for about 6 months and then to start looking for work. Well the busy body in me wouldn't allow that so I started job hunting. After several of resume drafts, phone interviews, in person interviews, follow-up emails and two rejections I landed a job... with a great company, doing what I graduated in: Marketing!

So I'm telling this long story to say....

Don't be discouraged by what seems like what may be a set back. Being laid off from my job was probably one of the best things that happened to me. Sometimes we get so complacent that we don't realize that there is something more, something better for us. ..and sometimes it takes a good push to find out.

During this job hunt I learned a lot about the do's and don't, what to do and not to do when looking for a job. So I will be sharing some of that information over the next couple of weeks.

Stay tuned.


  1. Congratulations, Alaya! I'm so happy for you. I'm glad you found work so soon and you're doing something you enjoy!

  2. I am glad everything worked out. What I have learned is that if we remain faithful, things usually work out in our favor. Congrats on your new job and hopefully we can get together VERY soon!

    1. yes that is so true! Thanks! and yes, will have to get together with you and Brandi soon!

  3. Congratulations! That's a great accomplishment! Love your positivity.

  4. congrats on the graduation and new job! sometimes we need to be forced out of our situations to find better opportunities!


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