5 Gallery Wall Tips

Babygirl's room is just about complete. I just need to paint her dresser and it will be a wrap! Today I'm sharing her gallery wall. I'm very leery of hanging pictures over beds, even when secure, I always worry they may fall. So, I dedicated a wall in her room to hang her favorite posters and pictures.

 I love gallery walls. I like to think of gallery walls as organized chaos; which is very similar to my thought process :) So here's 5 things I keep in mind when making a gallery wall:
1. Plan - Lay out your frames on the floor to get an idea of how you want things or draw it on paper. This will reduce excessive wall holes from moving pictures around once already hung.
2. Frame Everything! - Framing pictures gives a gallery a more polished and cohesive look. and speaking of frames....
3. DON'T MATCH! - Mix and match your frames..your frames do not have to be the same style. I have two different styles of frames in this gallery.
4. Vary the sizes- Varying the sizes of the pictures adds interest to your gallery. No picture is ever too small or too big for a gallery in my opinion. What's important is placement!
5. Collect - Collect different things to put in your gallery wall. For babygirl I used just pictures, but for your own you can use whatever, wooden letters, shelves, skies the limit...

This is a collection of pictures we've gathered over time. I found the white framed ballet girls on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $12.00 and the two Love pictures for $8.00 a piece. Her posters, from some of her favorite shows, are framed in plastic frames from Hobby Lobby. And lastly, her Minnie Mouse picture is an old tote bag that we cut down to size. We still have a few posters to hang, one for Frozen, a Barbie and My Little Pony one.
So what do you think? and am I the only paranoid person who doesn't hang pictures over the bed??

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  1. So sweet of you to fill your daughter's walls with the things she currently likes.


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