Painted Front Door Inspiration

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that recently we began painting our front door. I spent about 6 months trying to choose a color. I taped paint samples to the door and I would ask any and everybody who came over what they thought....including the UPS man and pizza man! Yep, I was soliciting all types of help on this one. 

I think picking a front door color is so important because it's the first thing people see when they come to your house. I finally narrowed it down to a color, I posted a sneak peek picture on Insta of what I chose. I thought I would share today some front door inspiration that helped me narrow down my color and that might also help you if you are trying to choose a color.With front doors, I believe you should go bold! Check out the inspiration below and share with me in my comments your favorites.

Photo Sources:
Margot Austin
The Kim Six Fix
Maria Killiam

Photo Sources:
Maria Killam
320 Sycamore Blog
Apartment Therapy
Santa Cruz Hubpages
Cape 27 Blog

Which of these are your favorites?


  1. I'm loving anything in the blue family right now -- but you def can't go wrong with a bold red! Love the color you chose. Can't wait to see the finished product :)

    1. Me too Michelle! Some kind of way my whole house has gone blue! and thank you! I hope to put a post up soon about it!

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  4. After ensuring my first entrance here, I got stuck with twinkling beauties of your front door inspiration. Seriously my heart started dancing with an inexpressible delight. What a color combination. Here I have to be thankful to Maria Killam for producing such eye-glaring photos. Oh! Of course a huge thanks to your for taking the initiative to published online. This was super loving. Yeah, I have already took all of them in my painting knowledge. My aspiration was to pick up some ideas and tip on windows and doors installation but love it incredibly.


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