how to organize your junk drawer

If you have signed up to receive my monthly newsletter you will remember me talking about trying to get my house more organized. I want the process and organization around the house to flow smoother so I'm taking some action in getting us all organized.

The first task is organizing my junk drawer. Here is what the drawer looked like before:

For this posted I'm trying something a little different and actually made a video! I'm so camera shy ya'll so this was a reach for me, but I like to watch videos myself so figured why not give it a try! Check out the video below to see how I cleaned it up!

Now that you have watched.... you have all the info you need to  get your drawer organized!

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  1. Alaya this was great! I have a junk drawer in my kitchen as well, and I have been giving it side eye knowing I need to get it organized and haven't yet. So this video has definitely inspired me and convicted me lol to go ahead and get it done. Thanks Alaya!

  2. I definitely need to organize my junk drawers!


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