Behind the Big Green Door: Idea: Paint Your Fireplace Black
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Idea: Paint Your Fireplace Black

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I have never considered myself as an "on the whim" type of person. I mean I plan every detail of my life. I live by my excel sheets and to-do lists. I have dozens of notebooks with twice as many written plans. However, when it comes to my home, I'm very on the whim. I find it hard to actually plan a room out. I just like to decorate as I go. Sometimes these on the whim moments work, and sometimes they DON'T. The difference between how I go about decorating my home to the rest of my life is amazing to me. 

How to Paint Your Fireplace - Black

This weekend while lounging on the couch, I got to thinking "this room needs a pop" One of my favorite features in my living room is my striped accent wall. My fireplace is also on this wall. I got to thinking I need to do something so I hopped up and when to Home Depot to pick up some BLACK paint. I put black in bold, because there is something about black paint that seems so permanent. Of course you can just paint over it if you change your mind, but it doesn't feel like that once you start painting something black. lol!

How to Paint Your Fireplace - Black

Well I got my paint, came home and got to work. The expression on Bran's face let me know exactly what he was thinking...."oh hell no!" I told him to just trust me and go with me on this one. The lady at the counter suggested I try Rustoleum's pre-made paint. I purchase the semi-gloss black and also picked up some tape and a sanding block. Also, I recommend getting a good brush. I used Wooster's edge brush, which isn't super expensive, but works very well!

How to Paint Your Fireplace - Black

I taped up and then used the sanding block to smooth out any rough spots before painting and to rough up the surface a bit so that the paint would adhere to the surface. Also if you are doing this, you want to give your fireplace a good wipe down before you begin painting. 

I did most of the work at night so I wasn't able to get any bright pictures. I finished the last coat Sunday morning. This took about 4 coats. Patience young Jedi! The main thing you want to always keep in mind when painting is to do light coats. It takes forever but the finished product will be so worth it!

How to Paint Your Fireplace - Black

And yes, that is a crown on my head. My daughter said I was queen for the day. I gladly accepted!

How to Paint Your Fireplace - Black

I looooooooooooove how it turned out. It has added so much character, a little drama and a whole lot of chicness. Never doubt the power of paint! 

How to Paint Your Fireplace - Black

One challenge I have with my home is that I have wall to wall carpet, a beige couch and beige walls. The black fireplace really helps to add some color. Take a look at the before and after. I mean that's the only way to see the true difference!

How to Paint Your Fireplace - Black

Now that I have painted the fireplace, I need to update the mirror and items on the mantel. I'll share those updates soon. So what do you think of this makeover? Will you be giving it a try. If so, please let me know.

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How to Paint Your Fireplace - Black


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  1. I love that!! that really enhances the look of fireplace!! This is the awesome idea. I believe this is a quick fix for anybody who wants to change the beauty of their fireplace.


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