5 Life Lessons From My Mom

It's crazy you never know how much you need your mom until you become a mom yourself. Or maybe this was just the case for me. Becoming a mother 8 years ago opened my eyes up to just how much my mom did for me growing up. My mother was a single parent who was always there and available to me, she made parenting look easy. Looking back now, I still don't know how she did it. But she did! and she did it well! 

My mother has taught me so many things. Aside for that, I have learn so many things by just watching and observing her. The lessons I have learned can be applied to everyone and today I wanted to share a few of them:

Independence is Golden
My mom taught me how to be a go-getter, not only in her words but through her actions. Having independence is so important in life. At the end of the day we are responsible for our own life's journey. Independence is a huge part of life and being able to stand on your own two feet without help is invaluable. 

Kindness Rules
My mom has the biggest heart. She is known for her kind and loving spirit. I have always strived to have her same spirit. I have seen where others are willing to go above and beyond for my mom just off the strength of who she is. How amazing is that!

Help Out, Even When it's Inconvenient
It's easy to help others when it doesn't put much of a strain on ourselves. However, what about helping someone when it's not convenient? My mom is the queen of this...I mean super self-less! The help that she offers just means so much more because of this. She even takes it a step further by helping without expecting anything in return. She is the truest example of this.

 It's Not What You Say, it's How You Say It
How many times have you had to tell someone something that they may not be receptive to? I'm sure you can think back on a time of an uncomfortable conversation that you have had to have with a friend or family member. Knowing how to deliver these talks is my mom's specialty. She has always taught me to use the 'Love Sandwich' .... what's that you may ask...well, it's giving good news, followed by bad news, wrapped up with good news. Trust me it works. I love that my mom is sensitive enough to other's feelings that she puts effort into how she delivers news.

Once you Commit, Dedicate Yourself
You don't have to commit to do everything, but if you do commit to something, give it your all. My mom has taught and shown my that giving a 110% is a requirement. I have watched her sign up, pitch in and lend a hand all my life. She always done it with full effort and a smile on her face.

Now can you tell how awesome my mom is?? ...and today I will honor her with a few small gifts and her favorite meal. This table set up is for her and my mother in law.

Share with me, what are some life lessons you have learned from your mom?


  1. Awww this post made me tear up! I can attest first hand to all of these wonderful and authentic life lessons you have spoken in regards to my beautiful aunt! She is definitely a light house for all of us :)

  2. So sweet Alaya. Moms are the best and its awesome to see she has taught you such great lessons! Beautiful table set up.

  3. Those are really beautiful words to describe a good hearted person. Your so blessed to have her in your life

  4. You are such an awesome daughter. This post was so sweet and genuine. What did your mom say when she read it? I need to know play by play. Did you tell her you wrote it or is she an avid reader and discovered it herself. LOL Girl, I'm just nosey. I hope you have a blessed day forward.

    1. lol Hey Angela! I told her I wrote it and read it to her over the dinner I cooked for her. She really loved it and wants to print it out and frame! :)

    2. LOL. That's so sweet. My mom would've been like: "I saw you wrote about me, thank you baby. Hmph, didn't think i knew, did you?" LOL. I'm glad you enjoyed your Mother's Day.

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