The Time Has Finally Come: A Bedroom Makeover Story

I've come to realize that the most neglected space in my home is my bedroom. The bedroom should be the most peaceful and relaxing place in the house, but for some reason, ours is not that way. I think because we spend the least amount of awake time there, it gets pushed to the side. Well, the time has come to change that.

I have quite a bit of work to do. Here's what I'm hoping to get to:

I put together this board using Polyvore and I think it's a great mix of masculine and feminine decor.

A few years ago, I did a simple refresh, but it's time for something drastic. I liked it at the time, but as I get older my taste and style has evolved. Check out the before from the refresh.

Some of the items shown on my concept board I currently have but will have to do some DIY updating and for some items I will get to shop for.

Stay tuned for the exciting changes coming soon! I'll be taking you behind the scenes of all of this through my Instagram page! I'm also planning to share with you some of my favorite brands and provide some product recommendations to you.


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