There are so many things that I see that I want for my home, but it's either outside of my price point or I feel I can just DIY it and save money.

That was the case for this painted basket that my little helper and I worked on. My mother n law and
I were hanging out one day and we stopped by the local Goodwill. I am a huge basket hoarder, the more you read my blog the more you will see I have a problem. So at this Goodwill, I spotted a nice big basket for $5.95. I knew I needed a big basket so it was perfect, but it needed some work.

Fast forward to about a week ago, I was browsing through IKEA when I spotted the perfect basket. I wanted it so bad, and it wasn't expensive, but then I thought. I just got that basket from Goodwill, it has the same shape and same handles. I think I can copy that!

So no it's not perfect (Nothing ever is though right, especially with kids helping) but I love it. It was great quality time with me and my little one.

Here is my inspiration and my copy cat

The IKEA basket is $18.99. The total cost for my basket was $8.00.

And now for the not so pretty, behind the scene pictures. If you want the how-to on doing something similar, continue reading..

It was fairly easy. Just find a basket, tape and paint.

(and of course I don't have a full before picture, but you get the idea from these step by step photos)

First. Tape

Next. Paint. We used a cheap paint brush and cheap foam brush to get into all the nooks. We also did two coats.

Last. Let dry and remove tape.


  1. Great job, Alaya! I love that you were able to create the look you wanted for less. You should submit your knock off (copy cat) project to the blog Knock off Decor. Becki is really sweet and I'm sure she would love to feature you!

    1. Thanks Lady! yeah, I love saving.. even if it's a buck! lol I'll have to check out her blog!

  2. Cute basket! I'm a basket hoarder too, so I totally understand. Love that you saved some money by doing it yourself!

    -Erin @ DIY on the Cheap


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