Hello Spring!

Hello Spring! Goodbye Winter! ....or so I hope. The weather in Atlanta has been so crazy it's hard to tell what season we will get day to day! I am looking forward to warmer weather.

We all know this is the time for spring cleaning. I think I'll start on one of these stow away closets. We also have the idea to repaint the entire downstairs. I got a great deal on paint and I think I'll brighten up the space with a fresh coat of paint! ..and by great deal I mean a 5 gallon Behr paint + primer, in a great neutral, normally sold for $130 for $30! woot!

So what things are you doing around the house for Spring?


  1. I saw you comment on 'live pretty on a penny' and I just wanted to pop on over and say hi. As far as what I've been doing around the house for spring; I've been doing some spring cleaning and trying to get better organized. Have a bessed day.

    1. Hi Dee! Good Luck with the spring cleaning and organization!

  2. There’s a plethora of green cleaning products offered in the market, from recycled paper supplies and non-toxic cleaners to green mops etc.


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