Dining Room Plans - Breaking Up [with] Matchy Furniture Series

I tried ya'll, I really tried! But I just could not find a way to love my dining room set. I haven't talked about the dining room - breaking up with matching furniture series lately, but it is still on my to do list. If you remember, I purchased a dining room set a couple years ago. At the time, I loved it, but now as my design taste evolves, I hate it! I mean straight up hate it!

Well last night I got so tired of it that I went on a spending spree to replace it....and by spending spree I mean $90! I don't plan on spending no more that $150 on this set and maybe another $150 for accessories. I'll tell you how I got it done and then plans I have for completing my dining room.

So far I have purchased a table and four chairs.

I got the table and metal chairs off Craigslist for $30. I was able to negotiate a bit on this and saved a few bucks. I recently shared my Craigslist tips, check that post out HERE.

The two upholstered chairs are from Bargain Hunt for $30 a piece. Bargain hunt is a scratch and dent furniture/clothing store. Which is perfect for someone like me who loves to fix things up. The chairs aren't perfect but it's nothing that can't be patched. I love the color of the chairs so those will stay as is and just get a good cleaning.

This may look like a pile of confusion, but once I put my finishing touches on it, it will be perfect. The plan is to paint the table a glossy white. I will also add bar cart to the room and some nice accessories. I already have a bar cart that I purchased maybe 2 years ago from a thrift store for $20 with the intentions of giving it a makeover. I never got around to it, but now I have some motivation!

For fabrics, I want to add a rug, probably a jute one. I will also change the metal chairs' fabric. I like small amounts of animal prints, so I'm thinking a dalmatian print on the chairs. I will leave the chairs' frame black more than likely.

So there's my plans. I hope to have another update on this next weekend.

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  1. I love the plans! Cant wait to see the transformation.

  2. Ok so I totally see your vision! Can't wait to see how it all comes together! Love the Bargain Hunt chairs!!

  3. Looking forward to seeing your makeover!!


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