The Key to Making Over a Room - Breaking up [with] Matchy Furniture Series

If you have been following along with my Breaking up [with] matchy furniture series, you will know that I am in the process of redoing my dining room. In my last post, I shared some stuff I scored from Craigslist. At the time the plan was to redo the table and chairs. Well, we all know nothing EVER goes according to plan!

When I sat down at the table it felt way too small! It was only 48'' and I got to thinking I might need a 60'' table. My mother's friend is a wonderful carpenter and he BUILT me a bigger table top!

So here is the table and room.

and the key to making over a room... TAKE EVERYTHING OUT! ...or at least as much out as you  can. Get it the room down to the barest bones you can get it. I removed the picture, desk, and chair from the corner

That still wasn't enough! I needed it bare!

And that's the key! Why is that the key you may ask.. well when the room is bare you can truly see the space that you have to work with! You can see how big or little the room actually is. Also, with a blank slate your imagination is free to roam and not be influenced by what you may already have in the room.

So I have got some major progress done. If you remember I was talking about getting a bar cart and turning the table white. Well that has been done! Check out this post for my completed bar cart!

Still left to do is to reupholster and paint my chairs, and get a nice jute rug for under my table.

With clearing out the dining room I have added some things on my to-do,
1. Changing the curtains
2. Changing the light fixture
3. New Artwork
4. A possible buffet table.

Now Check out just how far this room has come:
Dining Room Part 1
Dining Room Part 2

So what do you think of my new table?! Also, what is your key to making over a room? Do tell!

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