5 Thrifted Jewelry Storage Ideas

This month is all about thrifting! One thing I love to pick up from the thrift store is storage items for small items, like jewelry. I am one of those people who always looses jewelry, usually because I have no designated spot for them. I have been working hard to keep up with my jewelry and found some great options at the thrift store for storage. Check out how I am using my thrifted finds in my home:

1. Search for cute ice cube trays to hold small stud earrings. I added a little jazz by spray painting them!

5 Thrifted Jewelry Storage Ideas

2. Find trays with compartments to make jewelry organization easy. 

5 Thrifted Jewelry Storage Ideas

3. Find decorative glass bowls to easily collect and display bracelets

4. Find small ramkens to hold rings and medium sized earrings

5 Thrifted Jewelry Storage Ideas

5.  Find old wooden bowls to holder bigger items. Add spray paint to give it an updated look!

5 Thrifted Jewelry Storage Ideas

Next time you are at the thrift store be on the lookout for these items!

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