BLOGGER TO KNOW: Ashley Spearman

Hey Ya'll! Today I'm sharing with you another BLOGGER TO KNOW! These are bloggers that I have met that truly inspire me and I know will inspire you! I first "bumped into" Ashley, the life behind The Handy Homegirl, on Instagram and immediately loved her work and blog. I love her bold & bubbly personality that comes across so well on her YouTube channel

DIY Personalized Coasters from: The Handy Homegirl
This month, I am focusing a lot on thrifting and this lady fits right in as she knows how to find a thrifted piece and make it look amazing! Check out Ms. Ashley below and don't forget to subscribe to her!

So tell me about yourself?
I am a stay at home DIY mommy to one.  I am a south side Chicago native, spent some of the best years of my life at Howard University in DC and I have been living and falling in love with Atlanta since 2013.  My mother is a seamstress, and my father is a car guy, so from the time I could remember I always loved to create things and take things apart to figure out how they worked.  I believe I can make anything, and love the challenge of making something unexpected with unexpected materials and blowing people minds. A creative is who I am.

How did you get your blogging start?
My founding blog story is very similar to the stories of many DIY bloggers that I know. I was BROKE, no like Ramen noodle every night broke but still had caviar with Koolaid taste.  I would post pictures of the furniture I created, not expecting I would get any real buzz.  Next thing I knew people were liking, loving, and sharing my projects.  So I decided to find out what a blog was in the first place then start one.

I can totally relate lol, share with my audience, what do you exactly blog about?
The Handy Homegirl is a do it yourself home decor and lifestyle blog.  I build, reupholster, thrift, haul, go on the occasional mommy rants and hot glue to my heart's content. As the Handy Homegirl my goal to motivate people to create spaces they love and then teach them how to execute designing a space.

How you would describe your design style?
My design style usually changes when the [wind] blows but I am very partial to the mid-century modern style right now.

What is your favorite project?
My favorite project is my master bedroom.  It was a labor of love project because I used that space to learn different design techniques that I didn't know beforehand. I challenged myself create a style that was all my own.

So outside of blogging what are some other things you are doing?
I have a collection of fun DIY inspired clothing called DIY+Wear on my site at am also a YouTuber. You can check out my channel by searching The Handy Homegirl.

Many thanks again to Ashley for letting me feature her on my site! Be sure to follow her on on all her socials! Deets below:


  1. Great to read about Ashley! A fellow chi-town native. Her story is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Chi-town! Yes, I love her story, thanks for stopping by!

  2. Omg! Love her master bedroom! Will definitely have to check her out!

    1. Yes you def should! You will love her style!

  3. It is always good to see passions lived out in real time!

    1. I agree! and I love meeting people who inspire me to work hard!


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