5 Ways to Save Money on Craft Supplies

Over the past couple of weeks I have been sharing easy DIY craft projects that I feel are great out of the box gifts ideas.  Buying the supplies needed for craft projects can really add up! However, crafting/DIY'n does not have to be expensive. There are some great ways you can keep money in your pockets when purchasing crafting supplies! Want to know how?? Keep reading for more info....

 1. COUPONS! - Popular crafting store like Hobby Lobby and Michael's frequently have 40% off coupons available for use. They can easily be printed or downloaded onto your phone. To NOT take advantage of these coupons would be crazy! Never enter a craft store without one!
2. WRITE A LIST AND TRACK SALES - Another thing with crafting stores, they runs sales every week and tend to rotate the items that are on sale. Write out a list of things you will need and wait for the sale to come. Hobby Lobby runs 50% off sales on different product categories every week!
3. SAVE ALL LEFTOVERS - When you finish a project save all leftovers!  Half gallon of paint left over?? SAVE IT! Leftover wallpaper?? SAVE IT! You never know when these things can come in handy for a future project.
(Check out two projects where I have used leftovers --here and here)
4. REUSE & REPURPOSE - Take a look around the house at thing you may be ready to throw away that might make a good craft supply. Here is a great example {and cute DIY idea} of using a old pop bottle for wall art.
5. SHARE CRAFTING SUPPLIES - Have a friend who is also into crafting/DIY projects? Share and swap some of the tools that you have that the other person may not. It's a good way to save on big crafting supplies needs such as sanders, power drills, jigsaws, etc..

What are some of the way you save on crafting supplies??


  1. I have the wetsaw, drill, and mitre saw! You got the jig saw? lol.

    1. I'm no good on the jigsaw... got a small handheld sander though! lol

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