DIY: Beautiful Nightstand Makeover!

This past Christmas my niece Saniya was surprised with Glam Bedroom Makeover from her parents, grandparents, and a tiny bit of help from me.

My contribution was to redo her nightstand by making it cute, glam, and super girly! Her room colors from the room makeover are now black and white with pops of hot pink and turquoise. The room is very glam with an added chandelier night stand lamp and sequined cover lamp shades.

Here's the night stand before...brown, broken and missing door and all! Not exactly something for a 9 year old girls room.

This was my first time painting furniture, and there are alot of things I learned along the way and will use for my next furniture painting project. (I'll share those at the end) The dresser is far from perfect but I think it turned out great for a first-timer!

Getting this nightstand completed was truly the group effort of my family, Ellen, Shelley, Baby girl Rhyan and Friend, Pierre. So THANKS to everyone who helped!!

If you want to recreate this nightstand here's what you'll need:

1. Paint Color of Choice
2. Paint Kit (Roller, Brush, Pan)
3. Drop Cloth
4. Sandpaper and/or Sander
5. Phillips Head Screw Driver
6. Silver Spray Paint
7. Patterned Wall Paper
8. Furniture Cleaner
9. Measuring tape
10. Scissors
11. Tub of shallow water

Here's what we started with...

Very nice piece of furniture that had it's share of wear and tear....note the missing door!

Here's what to do:

1. Give furniture a good clean using furniture cleaner (honestly, we used water and soap, but I'm sure there is a proper cleaner out there somewhere)

2. Remove Hardware using Phillips Head Screwdriver

3. Sand Furniture - Ok, important step here, If you don't sand the paint won't stick! Choose the best sanding technique (hand or machine) that fits the furniture you are sanding. Some furniture will already have a rough finish that might not require as much sanding... some furniture, like this piece, requires alot of sanding... this is one of the things I learned while doing this project!

I started off here..hand sandings

and ended up here...machine sanding

4. Give furniture a good dusting and wipe down to remove all sanding debris.

5. Apply paint to furniture. I painted in the direction of the wood. I used 1 qt of Behr Ultra Pure White Primer and Paint in a semi-gloss finish.

even Babygirl got in on some of the paint action

6. As first coat of paint is drying measure the inside of the nightstand and cut off matching sized wallpaper to add to dresser
(Remember me saying watch out for this print in my Home Office Sneak Peek post?? Yes, the print is going everywhere!)

the next few steps I didn't get any pictures of but I will do my best to explain

7. Take the cut out wallpaper and place in tub of shallow water in a sweeping motion to dampened the paper. 

8. With paper dampened fold together, but dont let the sides touch and bring to the furniture

9. Apply wallpaper to the inside of the nightstand, gently smoothing out any air bubbles

10. Add second coat of paint
(ok, we were a little excited and started adding accessories right away! lol!)
11. As second coat of paint is drying spray paint hardward in a silver spray paint

12. After paint is dry on both furniture and hardware reattached hardware

13. Stand back and enjoy your pretty creation!

Hindsight is 20/20 right?? So here's what I'll do next time...
  • Make sure to check the amount of sanding needed BEFORE you start the project. Furniture that needs alot of sanding can take forever to sand by hand so check that out first.. or end up like me back at home depot buying a electric sanding.
  • Lay furniture on it's back when painting.. With it standing straight up it was ALOT of drips
  • Sand furniture lightly between each coat.... This is wear down any drips
  • Add the wall paper to the inside of the dresser BEFORE painting... It was a little difficult trying to maneuver around the wet paint while adding the wallpaper.
  • Use some type of sealer at the end to sustain the paint.. I'll work on finding out more about this on my next paint project.
  • Lastly, take a little more time to get the details right, we were a little rushed on doing this since it was for a Christmas surprise and we only had limited time when my niece was not at the house.

The total cost of this project was about $30.00 for the paint, paint tools, and hand sander.

The wallpaper was from an old project of my aunt and the spray paint was from an old project I did.

I'll consider the Sander, a sunk was more so an investment, in this instance, rather than the materials needed for the project.

What do you guys think of this project? Leave some feedback to let me know! Give it a try and let me know how it turns out!

See ya Soon!


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  1. Turned out great! Good job, and thanks for sharing!

    -Erin @ DIY On the Cheap

  2. Oh I am so glad you found my picture of that bookshelf! When I did that project, I had NO idea it would be as popular as it has been. Your nightstand turned out gorgeous, and truly, this was your first piece??? Your lucky niece, it is just perfect. Thanks so much for stopping by!

    1. Thanks so much! Yep, my first time! I think we all love the idea because it's so simple and easy! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Wow you really did a good job on Saniya's dresser! I can not wait til I see the room. You got to love DIY DIARY!

    1. Thank you! Her room is def transformed! Thanks for always reading!

  4. You did a great job on your nightstand and I love the look inside. As a fellow DIY'er, I am sure that you will always find a way that you could have made something "better," but it looks just perfect! Again, great job!

    1. Hey Erin! Thank you! Yes, we (DIY'ers) are always trying to find a way to perfect things! Thanks again!!

  5. That's great information. Thanks for sharing this blog. I did a search and found your blog and glowing review. It's been a big help! Thanx!

  6. Thank you for helping me decide if I should remove the doors of my two night stands. I've been going back and forth with it for days now. They are very similar to yours and even have the decorative "pedestal" type sides. I wanted to keep the doors, but then thought I'd end up just storing junk in them if I did. Seeing your gorgeous nightstand has me sold on removing the doors now!

    I do this for a living...but for some reason decisions are always harder to make when you are redoing a piece or pieces for your own home. lol I guess when I do other pieces, I feel someone will either love it or they won't. I have to make sure I love it...especially since I have little time with work, redoing furniture, taking care of my home, and mostly, my 7 precious children. ;)

    Thanks again, Alaya...your daughter is a cutie pie, by the way ;)

    1. Thank you Charlotte! and I totally understand, except mines seems to be the reverse, I can decorate my place all day but get nervous helping others! Good Luck with your project! I would love to know how it turns out!

  7. I especially like the fabric that you used in this DIY project. Thanks! It looks nice. Please! Share with me when you have new posts.

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