I've got a love/hate relationship with...

Have you ever had a love/hate relationship with anything? Something that you sometimes love and sometime hate. Or something that gave you the "love at first sight" feeling but once the skies cleared you realized it really wasn't that great... but now you're stuck with it.

I'm developing a love/hate relationship with the sitting window in my Home Office. I've come to have this feeling recently since I'm now paying attention to this room. Before it was a catch all room and I hardly came in here.

I loved the idea of having a sitting window in this room when I first bought my house....but now...mmmm not so much. It's a great feature...but can it be moved out of this room! It's taking up a huge chunk of my wall, making things awkward... I'll never use it! 

But I do love the idea of having a window seat. It's cute, it's unique, it seems fun.. i don't know! See what I mean?? 

I guess I can throw a coat of paint on it and some pillows... any other ideas??

Am I in this love/hate boat alone? What are some things that you have a love/hate relationship with?

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  1. Love the idea of a nice vibrant color and some cute throw pillows. Excellent place to curl up with a bottle of wine and a book!

  2. Or how about adding some cushion or something (you know what people use in the diy headboard makeovers) and cover it with a cute fabric. Then put the cute pillows on top. That way it can be an actual seat and comfy for your behind, lol :)

    1. lol! yeah bc sitting there now is nowhere near comfort!(I was sitting on it last night trying to figure out what to do with it) I was just thinking I should do that... get some wood, foam, and cover it. good idea!

  3. Nice blog you have here, thanks for sharing this


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