..I'm Making Progress {Home Office}

Ever have an idea in your head for how you wanted a room to be.. you start putting it together and it doesn't quite work out the way you envisioned? {looks around...slowly raises hand...}

That's been me over the past couple of weeks. I have been all over the place trying to figure out what colors I wanted for my office.. it doesn't help that I'm very indecisive. In my previous post I was going to go with Blue, Black & White. When I started putting it together.. I really didn't like it. 

Now thanks to some great fabrics I found at Hobby Lobby and my recent chair rehab I have been able to settle on some colors! 

I'm happy to finally have a color scheme. So I am going with Yellow, Gray, Black and White.  {I'm not changing this time either, I promise}

Here's some progress I have made on my home office....

Furniture is in here and placed..now to paint this green wall!

 I can never wait for anything.. I'm already working in here...

Pillows for the Sofa Bed

There's goes that window seat..You know how I feel about that window seat. I've added pillows and think I will add a cushion {Thanks to the suggestions of some great readers!}

I'm still trying to figure out what fabrics to put on which pillows.. so for the time being the pillows are just wrapped until I can figure it all out.

Now that green wall...It's gots to go! - I want a neutral wall color. I've got lot's of selections here..but I have a feeling I'll be back at Home Depot looking for more paint chips! :)

I need to find a rug, work on some wall art, sew the fabrics into pillowcases and find something to do with this glassed mirror closet doors {Ya'll haven't seen that yet...come to think of it I haven't posted any before pics. I'll do that when the room is completed}

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