Simple Bookcase Makeover!

Got some left over wallpaper and an old bookcase... combine the two to update your book case!

I'm halfway through getting my home office together. I pictured this room being a space just for me. No kids, just me! ...well it's not turning out that way! Baby Rhyan is excited about the room and has begun to claim territory in it...starting with book case space. 

We worked yesterday on updating the current bookcase I had in the office. It was a cheap $19.00 bookcase I got from Wal-Mart about 2 years ago that had collected enough dust to start a dust storm.... no was pretty bad!

Well we get the thing dusted off and here's what we came up with.

Remember this pattern from my Home Office Sneak Peak Post??

I spy a past DIY project...Do you?!? (How to Make Cute & Easy Wall Art)
Rhyan's Claimed territory

Tried to get my reflection out of that picture but couldnt! Nevermind that...There's one more DIY project here.. I'll share that in a later post.

If you are interested in recreating this here's what you'll need.

1. Bookcase
2. Wall Paper
3. Scissors
4. Double Sided Tape
5. Hammer
6. Nails
7. Plyers

Here's what to do.

1. Clean off bookcase completely of any dust or items and remove shelves

2.  Remove backing to book case - here's where the plyers come in, the back of my book case was attached with nails so I used the plyer to pull them out

3. Apply generous amount of double sided tape to the book case backing. - the correct way to apply this wall paper is to dampen with water an apply...but with a $19.00 bookcase with cardboad's best to use tape.

4. Add wallpaper to bookcase - be sure to line up wallpaper to have print match. also make sure paper is smooth. 

5.  Reattach bookcase backing with hammer using existing nails or new nails

6.  Replace Shelves

7. Decorate you bookcase an enjoy

This was a FREE project for me. I already had the supplies, bookcase, and the wall paper was gifts to me from my aunt.

What are some ways that you have updated a piece of furniture??

Try this project and let me know how it turns out.

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  1. I love the print you used on the bookcase!

    1. Hey Lolli! Thanks! I'm obsessed with that print! lol


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