Emergency Chair Rehab! {Garage Find Makeover}

Remember that chair I found in my mom's garage?? (Catch up here!) Well it finally got the makeover it deserved!

A little more history about the chair.. my cousin got it from a garage sale {yaay the chair was rescued!} and used it while she was living here in 2006. She moved away and it had been sitting in my mom's garage ever since ....alone, cold, & neglected {poor chair!}.  Six years later, I noticed the chair.  The chair went from it's old home in my mom's garage to it's new home in my garage for about 3 weeks {from one bad situation to the next...poor chair!}. I decided to stop neglecting the chair and used this weekend to devote time and give it the the TLC that it needed. 




before & after

I think this is a nice addition to my home office!

Looking to reupholster a chair? Check out my previous post that includes a step-by-step on how to reupholster chairs.

And now the chair's journey to becoming beautiful again...

There she goes cold, alone & neglected

Cushions removed & Rhyan is helping to clean her up

ahhh a couple of  fresh coats of paint and now drying in a nice breeze!

oooh! new clothes!

  She's fancy now!

and now completed!

The total cost for me was $20.00 for fabric and new painting supplies (brush, roller, paint pan). The paint used was Behr - Light Copper, which was left over from painting the dining room. 
What are some pieces of furniture you found that was dying for attention?? Share with me some rehabs you have done!

Looking to reupholster a chair? Check out my previous post that includes a step-by-step on how to reupholster chairs.


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  1. I can't wait to sit in the chair that occupied my garage all these years.

  2. Looks lovely you did a great job~ I found you via Debbie Doos & am a new follower/subscriber& hope you will do the same. Thanks~Nina

    1. Hi Nina! Thank you! I had fun doing this chair! Thanks for following and stopping by!

  3. The chair is adorable!! Good job. And a weekend well spent:)

    1. Thanks Lady! I love how it turned out! :)

  4. Sooo cute! I love the nailhead down the back too, what a great touch. WAY better than before.

    1. Thanks Lindsey! That chair was scary! I love the nailhead on the back too! Thanks for stopping by!


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